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RestorFx service provides your vehicle with paint protection, plastic protection and headlight restoration.

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ClearFx service gets your vehicle covered with paint, glass, wheel and interior.

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The royal program will give you a lifetime paint protection warranty. All you need is to bring your vechile to us for annual servicing.


Don’t miss out on these limited time savings to keep your car healthy.

Expert Technicians
RestorFx and ClearFX are professionally applied in a specialized controlled environment to ensure maximum quality and effectiveness.
Brilliant Shine
RestorFx and ClearFX produce long-lasting lustre and depth, leaving a high intensity of visual clarity and colour contrast once cured. This refinement brings radiant beauty to your vehicle’s surface for years.
Lifetime Guarantee
Come back every year for a refresh application, to continually protect your vehicle for as long as you own it and always keep it looking its best.
We Provide New Offers Whole Year
Enjoy a discount on all restoration and protection products and services available at your RestorFX Center.

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